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Razones para no poder quedar embarazada

Whether you’ve tried conceiving or just considered it, there are a few things to consider regarding your fertility. If your cycles are generally normal, you ovulate every month and specifically if you have had a previous pregnancy; Don’t be in a hurry to see a fertility professional without thinking about these few ideas to solve your big concern of “Why can’t I get pregnant again?” This guide will give you 6 typical and relatively treatable reasons that you may be experiencing a problem.

5 Reasons for not being able to get pregnant

1. Rule out a male factor for your infertility

Surprisingly, infertility due to a male element prevails, accounting for 30-40% of infertility problems faced by couples. The problem may be related to a low sperm count or poor motility that influences sperm capacity which makes their journey effective. Similarly, structural problems can be a concern as they can alter the flow of sperm. The only method to definitely understand if this is the cause of your infertility is that your partner would need an evaluation from an appropriate doctor.

2. Smoking cigarettes

When most people think of the harm from smoking, they think of lung or heart disease, but when it ends, cigarette smoking is among the top competitors in this category.

When women smoke, they are at an increased risk of infertility, as it affects the lining of the uterus. If the lining of the uterus is not healthy, it is more likely that even if fertilization occurred, the embryo could not implant in the uterus.

When it comes to your partner’s cigarette smoking, the possibility of infertility is an even bigger issue than it is for women. Men have sperm in their epididymis, which is next to the scrotum, for a period of three months. During this 3-month duration, the sperm that you expect to cause fertilization are exposed to the toxic substances in smoking. If men decide to quit smoking, they should be aware that it will take at least 8-12 weeks before healthy sperm are ejaculated. So if smoking is on the table for you or your partner and you have been wondering “why can’t I get pregnant again?” Talk to your healthcare provider about a plan to quit smoking.

3. Results of stress

When you try to develop, you are currently dealing with life’s daily stressors. But when you are not successful, an included amount of stress contributes to your mind and body. Stress plays an important role in the proper functioning of the adrenal system. There is a procedure that the body goes through for ovulation that originates from the adrenal system, but the bottom line is that this can affect a woman’s ovulation.

It is crucial to keep your mind and body relaxed and calm when it comes to conceiving. Make sure you get the support you need and take time for yourself. Talk to your partner and make a commitment that works for both of you in terms of family tasks, as being alone can sometimes be stressful.

4. Are you at a healthy weight?

Many women seeking answers to their “why can’t I get pregnant?” They generally do not consider their body weight with respect to infertility.

If a woman is underweight or overweight, developing a baby can be more difficult. Her body needs the correct nutrition for ultimate function, so when a woman is malnourished, she may have abnormalities in ovulation.

Being overweight includes additional stress on the body, and the chances of achieving a pregnancy decrease even if a woman is ovulating. frequently. It is suggested to maintain a body mass index of around 25, maintain a healthy diet and establish a routine training regimen.

5. Confusion related to your cycle

Cuando intenta concebir y se pregunta por qué no puede quedar embarazada, podría ser un buen momento para que conozca mejor su cuerpo. Muchas mujeres comprenden un ciclo de 28 días cuya ovulación generalmente es de dos semanas antes de su duración, sin embargo, no saben que existen métodos para monitorear su cuerpo y así obtener una mejor comprensión de su ciclo, ya que usted puede descubrir días de ovulación.

Hay juegos de pruebas de ovulación que se pueden comprar, pero una forma más simple y menos costosa es considerar el enfoque de Billings. Si lleva a cabo una investigación al respecto, podrá vigilar los cambios en el cuello uterino y la mucosa cervical para saber cuándo es el momento adecuado.

Asimismo, tenga en cuenta que los espermatozoides tienen la capacidad de sobrevivir durante 3 días en el cuello uterino; por esa razón, el sexo no necesariamente tiene que ser el día de la ovulación. Tenga en cuenta también que usar lubricante durante el sexo puede disminuir la motilidad y la transferencia de esperma.

6. Edad o calidad del huevo

Algunos hechos esenciales para recordar: las mujeres nacen con todos sus óvulos al nacer. En el momento de la adolescencia, se estima que solo quedan 300,000 huevos, que cada mes los perdemos en calidad y cantidad. Una vez que una mujer llega a los 30 años, el riesgo de infertilidad aumenta, por lo tanto, es mucho más crucial para estas mujeres controlar su ciclo de las mejores oportunidades de fertilización.

Estos son algunos elementos que una mujer debe considerar al preguntar “¿Por qué no puedo quedar embarazada?” Se sugiere que las mujeres intenten concebir por un período de hasta un año antes de contactar a un experto en fertilidad. Sin embargo, hay muchas condiciones de salud que también pueden causar infertilidad. Si siente que está en riesgo, consulte con su proveedor de atención médica.

No puedo quedar embarazada, ¿qué debo hacer?

Con respecto a su fumador asociado, la posibilidad de infertilidad es un elemento aún más grande de lo que es para las mujeres. Hay un procedimiento que el cuerpo atraviesa para la ovulación que se origina en el sistema suprarrenal, pero la conclusión es que esto puede influir en la ovulación de una mujer.

Some crucial facts to keep in mind: women are born with all their eggs at birth. When a woman reaches the age of 30, the risk of infertility increases, for this reason, it is even more important for these women to control their cycle for the best possibilities of fertilization.

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